Always Prepared

EMMT provides people of all ages with seminars and training programs covering a broad range of emergency preparedness subjects such as shelter building, fire starting, first-aid, 72-hour bags, wilderness basics, raising and lowering, food and water storage and alternative energy to name a few.

Seminars and field training will focus on providing this often lifesaving information to the growing number of people seeking real life answers to the “be prepared/make a plan” type information they are seeing and hearing with increasing frequency. It takes both “stuff & a plan” to survive. We will help you spend your money on the right stuff and make the right plan.

Most subjects will be taught in a combined seminar and field training format. The seminar often takes place in our on-site training classroom where the audience observes. The field training takes place immediately after the seminar portion so attendees can participate hands-on in what they have just learned. Many subjects are taught at our 200 acre training facility. 

Emergency Management Mitigation Team

Always Vigilant

Current Offerings

Disaster Survival

Every responsible home owner, business owner, renter & parent, should have this class. In this class we will discuss what types of disasters are most likely to occur in the Pacific Northwest. With that knowledge we move forward learning how we can best prepare for it if should it ever happen. In this class you will be introduced to our core mindset, without these you will find it impossible to live. Throughout all of our training we will keep coming back to this core mindset in helping you prepare yourself, family and business.

Get Home Bags or 72 Hour Kits

What are they, should I buy one or make my own. What types of equipment should I put into it and how long should it help me survive. These are some of the question we will answer helping you save money and have the types of item you will need during a disaster. This kit concept comes from over 30 years of experience in looking back and seeing not why people survived but why those who didn’t make it and learning from the mistakes made so we can get out alive. What might have made the difference? Again we will look into our core principle and find several answers.

Damage & Risk Assessment

Every minute of every day we make decisions that very well maybe life or death. (do I have time to pull out in front of that really big truck, should I fly or drive to grandma’s house) After a disaster we are going to get you to start thinking in a 360 degree world, bring in as much information as you can learn what to look for and make an educated decision, then constantly review your options. When a fireman runs into a burning building it’s not just bravery, its equipment, training, understanding what fire does, he/she looks for things most people don’t see. We want you to be able to look at a damaged building and get a good idea of the risk you are taking if you decide to enter it.

Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

This all age appropriate class provides a basic understanding of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD); essential knowledge for all considering the world we live in today.  In this training we briefly explain weapons of mass destruction with a focus on the implications for emergency preparedness and how best to respond in the event of an attack thus significantly increasing your chances of survival.

Emergency Plan Analysis

EMMT is offering a new service: the Emergency Plan Analysis. We will send two of our inspector/evaluators to your location and provide a professional review of your plan and supplies.

You will receive an in depth written review with suggestions and comments so you know what areas you have mastered and what areas you may need to concentrate on.

If you have been working on this for some time and just want a peer review or are brand new and want some help in creating a Plan this an excellent way to start.  It can very well save you money, time and maybe your life.

Each Emergency Plan Analysis includes a comprehensive CONFIDENTIAL report with photographs showing you where we suggest any needs for improvement, or just to help you get off to a good start.  We can help implement any plan recommendations if requested.

Corporate Analysis, Consulting, Training Programs

EMMT has provided consulting and training services to organizations of all sizes over the years.  Utilizing any of our current offerings or creating a custom program specific to your requirements our staff is ready to meet your needs.